“OMFG. Ladies. The boy. Those lips. The eyes. The eyebrows—I never thought eyebrows could be sexy. I wanted to lick these.”

When Susan discovers her husband of 22 years is cheating on her, she’s sure her life is over. But with the help of a growing tribe of “strange Internet friends” she finds through her blog, couriered packages of sex toys, and the most delectable cherry pie in the world, she finds herself falling in love with a gorgeous new lover… to the horror of her cheating ex, her adult children, and her own inner martyr.

It begins like this…


and then… well… you meet Susan. And as Susan’s life changes… so will yours.

“This book is a cure for divorce, depression,
loneliness, boredom, you name it.
Laugh-out-loud funny  from the first page!”

Holly Owen, the Alberta Romance Writers Association

The cherry pie in Cherry Pie Cure is NOT a metaphor. There’s a real, delish cherry pie that’s almost a character in the story. Here. Have a taste, through these reviews* for Cherry Pie Cure:

“Completely tantalizing!”

“A funny romance of an empty nester (she’s 43) finding out her husband is cheating and ruining Christmas. Then she flirts with the stockboy/cashier (he’s 31) at the local grocery store. I thought that the story would be awkward because it is 100% blog posts and comments, but that is what made it a fun read. The comments had me laughing out loud much of the time; they were from Marcella, her friend, an assortment of followers, and of course, some spam.”

“Warning: You may breakout in spontaneous laughter, develop cravings for baked goods and become a life-long devotee of the author!”

“funny, smart, poignant”

“I loved this book! Susan is getting a divorce from her cheating, douchy husband, John. Her BFF, Marcella, encourages her to blog about her feelings as a form of therapy. She’s reluctant (and not so great with technology), but gives it a try. The entire book consists of her blog posts and comments from her followers. It was an interesting format, sad, poignant, and laugh out loud funny. I’ll definitely be looking at Ms. Colette’s backlist.”

“I loved watching Susan’s character blossom from meek, lonely and insecure to funny, confident and sexually brazen.”

it was like reading a diary

“ I ADORED this book! …the story flowed so easy and fast…it was like reading a diary, with Susan’s hilarious thoughts strung together as she navigates being a middle aged divorcé.”

“This was definitely a fun, unique take on the May-December trope!”

“I was just going to read a few chapters before bed and I stayed up reading until three in the morning—I just couldn’t stop turning the pages.”

“sticky sweet ending”

“The blog comments will keep you laughing and feeling the warmth between internet strangers…it’s a unique storytelling style but it really worked for me.”

“funny, touching and uplifting”

“I absolutely loved this book. It was an easy really really entertaining read. It’s super sexy, leaving a lot to my imagination but giving lots of cues and ideas. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters and seeing the little community the created evolve.”

“I’m giving this one 5 stars for originality.”

“I loved the message I got from the book… to loosen up and enjoy life more. To trust that things will always work out somehow.”

“one of those heart warming books that leaves feeling good.”

“I really enjoyed this book. Fun, light- despite the sometimes heavy subject matter. A unique and easy to follow format makes it feel like a peek into Susan’s life.”

“perfect summer read”

“The author tells Susan’s evolving story mostly through the blogging which is a very unusual approach to say the least, but which totally works. It’s genius actually. I laughed at some of the outrageous comments from Susan’s followers and felt like I was one of them, even if my comments were only in my head. And I was so hoping that it would all turn out well for Susan in the end. It does. The ending is just as delicious as cherry pie.”


“So so funny! I love Susan! Actually I enjoyed all the characters and loved hating her husband! Hope for more like this one!”

“This book should not be read in a public place due to inappropriate bouts of giggling and laughter eg, on a night flight home to the UK (when everyone is trying to sleep).”

“The first time I’d read a story written in this style, but after the first few posts you get hooked.”

“If you are looking for a light hearted romantic comedy or ways to traumatise your grown children with conversations of sex this book is for you.”

*Review quotes collected from GoodReads, Amazon, and assorted book review blogs. Oh. And this one’s from my mom:

“Amazing! Love the idea, the dynamics, the interactions! You are a genius!”

It’s my favourite review. 🙂

So, to celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of M. Jane Colette’s best-selling rom-com Cherry Pie Cure,  it’s all releasing here… the way Susan experienced it… a day at a time. Ready?

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